Our Story

About Us


“To those whom much is given, much is expected.”


A group of successful executives and friends have come together to pool their capital and to invest in and build for-profit companies that will support and help to fund charitable endeavors. This group believes that it is not enough to just donate their capital to charities. A donation feeds the charity for a day.


Building a portfolio of for-profit companies and by leveraging the group’s many years of operating experience, we believe that we can build a means for funding these charities for life.


About the Company


The team at Bid4Real believed that there could be a way to connect the charitable objectives of individuals, the profit desires of the market and the deal seeking nature of buyers to create a new, exciting online auction and marketplace where each transaction helps to change the world.


After researching the auction market and developing a range of ideas on how to improve the auction process, Bid4Real was born.


Our goal is to be an online marketplace that is the leading digital auction platform used by non-profits, foundations and for-profits to meet their charitable funding objectives.


Bid4Real will revolutionize the way products are bought and sold by leveraging technology and a unique process to make what has been a burdensome, opaque process more efficient, transparent and effective for any asset type (property, cars, boats, jewelry, collectible items, etc.)


Our Auctions


Our reverse auction is unique in that the starting bid price and purchase price are guaranteed to be below appraised market value. The value to the buyer will continue to grow during the course of the auction since each bid acts to reduce the final purchase price.

The auction will end at the first to occur: 1) no participant is willing to bid further, at which point the last bidder pays the current price of the item, 2) if during the course of bidding the price of the item has been reduced to zero, the bidder that submitted the final bid wins the auction, or 3) a Buy It Now (BIN) option occurred and was exercised at the current offered price.


Another compelling feature of our reverse auction is that if you are not the winning bidder, all or a portion of your bids used during the auction can be redeemed and refunded to your account. The risk is low, and the reward is high.  Also, the auction process is quick and efficient, so you won't be wasting your money, or your time on our site.