One Week Stay in Private Hawaiian Home

One Week Stay in Private Hawaiian Home

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One Week Stay in Private Hawaiian Home

Experience breathtaking views during a one week vacation for 4 to 6 in Hilo, Hawaii, located on the Big Island of Hawaii.  This beautiful home overlooks the ocean and has 4 bedrooms w/ 3 full baths.  The town overlooks Hilo Bay, situated upon two shield volcanoes: Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea.  The Hilo region is blessed with dramatic waterfalls, fertile rain forests and blooming gardens.  Hilo is also the gateway to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, located 45 minutes south.  
Homeowner recently installed a Jacuzzi on the deck overlooking the ocean.

Expires 3/2017.  Contact owner for available dates.  Once booked, dates are unchangeable.





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